The epicycle made it possible for the Greeks to explain the planetary movements.


Do you have any idea how hard it was to get a moron like that elected?


Do you still have yesterday's paper?

Who's your girlfriend?

Please take a rest for a few days.

What's your favorite tongue twister?

Arlene does look really happy, doesn't he?


He owns a yellow sports car.

I'm not religious.

Do you want me to go talk to Kevin myself?

He is as old as my father.

I take it you've seen the news.

A single incident can change your life.

I want to marry a virgin girl.

I have a picture of an airport.

You don't have to help me.

The road curves gently towards the west.

Charley makes fun of Saqib all the time.

Call for help.

Work? You only need a good idea to become rich.

Your response is not perfect at all.

That was a total waste of time.

I am going to speed up the video.

Solid water is called ice.


He's well dressed.

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I've trained my dog to come when I whistle.


I thought that my mother was going to kill me.

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He is erratic.

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I've never loved anybody as much as I love you.

Can you give that to us?

It wasn't my idea.

How often do you eat junk food?

Thank you for your letters.

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Aaron is a great actor.

I never thought I'd have so much fun.

I make it a rule not to watch television after nine o'clock.

You're completely crazy.

First of all, let me say how glad I am to be here.


Have you seen my glasses anywhere?

Are Joubert and John brothers?

After the meal, I asked for the bill.

Your death is my life.

I heard that Hartmann committed suicide.

Anita let the cat out.

You've found the problem.

I think this room is bugged.

I'll get them to drive you home.

You should wish for something else.

You must not be noisy.

From now on, no more TV before you have done your homework.

Paul was reading a short story last night.


I probably should just stay in bed today.

Make yourselves comfortable. We have plenty of time.

I suddenly got a craving to eat some crisp roast chicken skin.

I never really liked them.

He made for home.

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I don't need advice from anyone.

Which snake has the longest fangs?

It's my job to convince you.

That's our fault.

Never mind, come on!

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I find myself falling for her.


He speaks quickly.

The girl noticed someone go out of the door.

Were you on the train?

I didn't expect to make the team.

Alain is sympathetic, isn't he?


I hope the meeting went well.

I grew up doing this.

I go by Itch.

The stadium was overflowing with people.

I need them to know that.


I like working with you.


Pat hardly ever goes out late at night.

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He is dead drunk.

A tale never loses in the telling.

The man was traveling with a stolen passport.

This is your time!

It's a ten minutes walk to the bus stop.

Thanks to you, the job went well.

The nurse can tell you how to do it.

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She and her friends love music.

She's starting to annoy me.

There are more intimate elements.

The wall separating criminals from non-criminals is not as thick as we think.

You've got a cute friend.

I can teach you how to argue.

The children are looking for mushrooms and bringing them back to the house.

This is completely different.

It was like I was in a trance.

Switch it off.

Nail the windows shut.

Is Joe taking it easy?

Anyway, she didn't get what she hoped for.

Were you talking to me?

I'd be happy to work with you.

Maurice is very friendly and outgoing.

Grandfather talked to me with a pipe in his mouth.

Valentine's Day is celebrated in February.

Maybe that'll tell us something.


The best time of life is when you are young.


Tyson followed up the jab with a left hook.


It's an old name.

The natives of the North-West Pacific Coast of America were probably descendants of tribes from Asia.

I'll come by car.

This adds color to his way of speaking.

I have a great regard for him.


Hunter writes much better now than he used to.

Gerhard Schroeder is the first German chancellor not to have lived through World War II.

How dare you say that!


If I had known his address, I would have written.

I've got nothing to report.

Rusty found something.

Tochtli likes rabbit meat.

I think Gregg knows.

The budget was narrowly approved by Congress.

Where is Becky now?


A gentle wind made ripples on the surface of the pond.

"My biological father means nothing to me!", he said.

I don't know what came over me.

People with low self-esteem can't handle being dissed.

It wouldn't be a good idea to tell Carl what really happened.

We sit on a bench to rest.

My friend here will be paying.


He tries to be unlikable. People make fun of him, and no one praises him.


I had difficulty convincing her of the dangers of smoking.


They look so cute together.

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Where are you going to go?

He permitted them to walk in the garden.

I was sick; I stayed at home all day long.

Worrying never did anyone any good.

I want to know how you got here.

The dispute between them is due to misunderstanding.

Dan recruited a group of students to help him at the bookstore.

What happened out there?

We all have our faults.


This museum is one of the world's largest art museums.


What you do is up to you.

We must make up for lost time.

I'm not sure that what I remember is what actually happened.


Time for dinner.

Let me know when it's time.

Oh, so that's what that is!


Are you cold?

I don't feel so good.

I love being a teacher.

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Gretchen didn't know who Loyd wanted to go to the dance with.


Herb said Norm is a good mom.

All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.

I didn't talk about him.


He gave me the most wonderful present.


I will cook dinner tomorrow evening.


I'm scared of what's going to happen.


Why don't you like him?

Come on! We're going to be late.

That's a really dangerous intersection.

You told me not to do it.

I was disappointed at your absence.

We have to gather information.

I didn't know that they did things like that.