I wonder when the meeting's going to start.

He has to support his mother and his sister.


She sued him for damages.


She's going to sit on the yellow couch.


It goes without saying that the ideology is behind the times.

I don't know what I did wrong.

Harv asked Kurt which wine she liked better.

I have something I have to do.

We're going to make a wonderful team.

I bought a ticket.

Her braveness will remain in our memories.

It was a long time before she understood me.

There was no one there but them.


Are you going to be home for dinner?

Juan sat on the fence.

He played the guitar very well in his father's presence.

Cole and Antony wore matching outfits.

Whales feed on plankton and small fish.


Whenever I hear that song, I think of my childhood.

This is an authentic Suzhou embroidery.

Earl just texted me.

When air dries, the throat dries, and cough comes out.

Here is the father's hat.


Be creative.

I usually get up at six.

It is generally believed that a trip to the moon will be made possible during this century.

Helen put some salt on his eggs.

What an awesome deal!

I don't think you really want to know.

His novels are popular among young people.

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I've heard that a lot, too.

Claudia asked Paolo, "Do you love Francesca?"

This isn't going to happen again.


The Niagara Falls are famous as a world leading tourist resort.

Frank might be able to recommend a good restaurant.

Tell her where you are.

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My hotel room cost more than I expected.

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When the shooting began, I just prayed.


I compliment her often.

Thierry was killed with a tire iron.

Cathrin just bought it a couple of days ago.

Lucy's cute, but she's got an atrocious character.

Do you know if Novo was involved?

Let's have another.

He is 60 and still builds sand castles in the shore.


Did you love him?


Taking into consideration the coming chill of winter, we cancelled our picnic.

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I cannot account for this strange happening.

Show me what you have in your left hand.

You shouldn't underestimate Frederic.

He has a short attention span.

Your objection has been noted.

It doesn't sound like her.

I am so disappointed.

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I apologized to Harv.


He knows how to teach languages.

What was it you wanted to ask me to do?

My brother-in-law is a policeman.

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Tai is wearing an expensive-looking pair of boots.

You should apologize to her.

All trees and shrubs must be trimmed so that their branches are no closer than one metre from a power line.

The pain has started to ease now.

I'll try to get a hold of them.


He lived in Spain, I think.

I'm going to wash my hands.

Let's try to convert German into a Romance language.

It is impossible to tell what will happen in that country.

She ran out of paper.


It still means something.

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Get away from me.

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The child looks as neat as a pin.

I found the Japanese sentence weird, but since it was written by a native, I thought that it was probably correct.

Reinhard is the guy that Marguerite wanted.

I go to bed at ten o'clock at night.

Can you feel the tension?


I'll do whatever I can to help you.

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What did Margaret have to do with it?

Vidhyanath is teaching me to how to skate.

Sandra didn't seem to care that nobody seemed to like him.

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I'm hungry so I'm going to make a snack to tide me over until dinner.

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The policeman lifted the box carefully.

I didn't want to frighten you.

You must've had a very hard day.

Metin doesn't know if Patricia wants to go with us or not.

This is our room.


Because he was tired, he went to bed early.


I am the only child of my parents.


I'm OK with it.

Do people accuse you of being disorganized?

I never expected your help.

My mother did nothing but weep.

Val poured everyone a drink.


Juergen is making a list.

We will report the results when known.

The young girls twined wreaths of flowers.

They didn't give me my passport back.

Besides playing tennis, she skis very well.

How are we going to solve this problem?

I can't drink any more.


I try to leave room for dessert.

He stooped down and pulled out a large box, filled quite full with shining gold pieces.

I'm getting ready to leave tomorrow.

The candy I had in my bag went mushy in the heat.

How much does this hat cost?

My brother is a freshman.

Do you believe he told the truth?

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Here's some more tea.


I woke Mark up.

Everything will work out in due course.

Irwin put the bowl of popcorn on the table.


We're going to need a little more time.

Jonathan denied those allegations.

Nguyen, could you lend me ten dollars?

Put on your hiking shoes and don't waste time.

The incident was never brought to my notice.

I never had to worry about him.

The United States fancies itself the world's freest nation.

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It won't happen again, I promise.


Let's not go there.

Japan has an economy that is supported by hard-working company employees in big cities.

When a man opens the door of a car for a woman, either the woman is new, or the car.

Natraj and Gunter get along well with each other.

Don't let it end.

Let us know if you can come.

Even if you are not to blame, you should apologize.

I didn't quite make out what he said.

My wife burst into tears.

The fireworks were set off on all sides.

Fine. However, I'm running late and you need to keep it brief.

Randy is fairly old, isn't he?

Bernie is almost six feet tall.

"Have you seen my cell phone?" "It's on the table."

The rain has lasted for the past two days.

Naomi rejected our offer.

He began to run.


The dancers returned to first position.

I like solving mysteries.

Observe all warnings, precautions and instructions.

How long has Irwin been gone?

I should've called you.

I was very busy writing a short story.

You should go too!

Ezra, will y'all come over tonight?

That couple spends quite a bit of money eating at nice restaurants.

I am aware, and aware that I am aware, and aware that I am aware that I am aware ...

Tomorrow lessons start.

The priest took the sick man's place.

Can I have a cookie?

You have my undivided attention.

She was the only woman.


"Will he recover soon?" "I'm afraid not."

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I don't speak very good French.

Do you have any plans right now?

Do we have grated cheese?

How many dresses like that does Indra have?

She engaged him as a programmer.

Thank you for not blaming me for the accident.

I wonder how long this cold weather will last.

You need a friend.

Herman shouldn't even be here.

Do you really want to have kids?

Are you telling me to kill Jin?