I wish you could have seen him pitch.

I don't think I heard you correctly.

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I'd rather do it myself.


I did write to him.

Bob bragged about his big boat.

My belief is that she has never told a lie.

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I just want you out of my house.

Mr Koizumi thinks an awful lot of himself.

The timing couldn't be better.

Po listens to the radio while eating breakfast.

That's the woman about whom I talked.


Elvis knew the risks.


Dogs are barking.


The children weren't seriously injured.

You gave away the ending.

Obviously, he can do whatever he wants with his money.

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This drink has a really different flavor.

The same applies here.

Would you mind drawing down the blind?

Changes in the country are inevitable.

You've got to try harder.

This is how we work.

Nobody can be that lucky.

This book is overdue.

You have only to close your eyes.


Let's talk.

What are you two going to do today?

I am looking at the map.

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I'm still not thinking straight.


He worked until late at night.


Mr Brown has four children.

He wrote a story just now.

You will be delayed for only thirty minutes at worst.


Do you know how to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

You should wish for something else.

It looks like the temperature is going to drop tonight, so be careful not to catch a cold.


Always borrow money from a pessimist; he doesn't expect to be paid back.

Anne is unfaithful.

I know what's wrong and right.

This is an important event.

Her house is close to the park.


Have you seen my camera?

Why don't you just fire her?

It was clever of Bob to solve that problem.


I thought Ricardo dumped Margot a month ago.

Barton was not far behind.

Gregor was heartbroken when his dog died.


I want everything on it.

You are now among the elite.

I didn't tell Manavendra that.


You lost the game.

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Give us what we want.

My best friend's sister's boyfriend's cousin knows someone who went to school with Obama.

What's Shannon carrying?

Don't keep the bicycle in the barn.

Daryl is going out this afternoon with Ragnar.


I'm warm.

One can't change one's set of values.

Anyone would have done the same thing.

You're taking on the company style.

I didn't expect you to be here.


I'd like someone to ask Ramadoss that.

For someone like him, it will be easy to win the presidential election.

I think I have a gum infection.

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Brave man as he was, he recoiled at the sight.

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The lion is the king of the beasts.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

He doesn't have the ability to manage that group.


It's not going to be cheap.

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Her cleverness often amazes me.

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What kind of damage has he caused?


She is my father's mother. She is my paternal grandmother.

It was so hot that I got into the shade and took a rest.

Monty is moody at times.

Let's just hope that doesn't happen.

Roxane is brushing his hair.

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People don't like to swim against the tide.

I'd like two singles for three nights from the 21st for about sixty dollars a night.


The plural of anecdote is data.

We have different views on life.


She loves singing.

Can I ask you something personal?

Cindy is in his office at his desk.

Sheep provide us with wool.

You are now quite at home in English.


Mister, have you seen Mr. Cyrano?


I'm afraid you can't go there.

The practice should be done away with.

The profit will amount to three million dollars.


My father is an English language teacher.

He said he knows this secret.

Did I say something funny? Did I make a joke?

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Hilda is dating my daughter.

She said that the mere sight of him made her sick.

They are studying these days.


Venus is unusual because it rotates in a direction opposite that of all of the other planets.

Tell me your names.

You're right. I have half a mind to do something myself.

I was happy for him.

Two ice creams, please.


He needs to follow my advice.

Johnnie seems to like you a lot.

Just keep on walking.

As usual, the physics teacher was late for class.

The father left all his money to his daughters.

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It's frozen hard.

They wash their hands.

We couldn't open the door because it was locked from the inside.


Was that how it happened?

I like listening to Shamim tell stories.

We're getting pretty good at doing this.


Tommy couldn't answer the last question.

Rudolf borrowed a car from a friend.

That was my understanding.

I don't think I can leave early.

Don't make me regret it.


His technique was the best.

I want him to stop erasing his comments immediately.

Micheal is addicted to money.

Will you please let me go now?

Meg acquired many new friends.

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The lake was gleaming in the bright sunshine.


I can't tell you how good it is to see you again.

I'd rather go to Boston.

I think it's about time I had a serious talk with Israel.

It wasn't a burglary.

He is still very much alive.

Rhonda is teaching a class right now.

Holyrood is in uproar.

They're all figments of your imagination.

Nothing is more important in life than health.

Tell Pierce where he should go.

I feel their pain.


Public engagement enhances the Government's effectiveness and improves the quality of its decisions.

It's never just a kiss.

She is not as young as she looks.

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Are there any weapons in your possession?

What didn't I tell you?

You need to get over it.

She was trained as a violinist under a famous musician.

Dan stuck to his story.


Some animals eat their young.


Kamel has shoulder-length hair dyed red.

The trouble is that it costs too much.

Vishal doesn't have any freckles.


On behalf of our classmates, I welcome you.


She tried to bring the flowers into focus.

I want to be an astronaut.

What happens if you get wet?


I want you to read it.


Marek is a lousy kisser.