My house is a shack.

We have lunch about noon.

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Would you like to see him?

We're doing great.

While she was running after the naughty boy, one of her shoes came off.

What exactly has Rupert done?

This tap made from brushed steel has an integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam and a hygrometer.


You dropped your key.


"How many dialects are there in the Chavacano language?" "The Chavacano language has six dialects."


I'm glad I'm Panzer's friend.

Moore didn't know the system.

Chet was arrested in a nearby town.


Let me say what I think.


I've never seen any of you before in my life.


I pay him twice as much as his old boss did.


She has scars that will last for the rest of her life.


Do you want me to tell them?

He understood your feelings and thoughts even without words.

He's in for a shock.

Irvin is ready to forgive Trent.

I don't want to go home.


Bradford is a potential witness.

It's Jinny's favorite.

Hi, Father.

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The two countries were moving closer to war.

Roy needn't have hurried to the airport to meet his parents.

For me, I think there's a lot more room in cable television to tell broader stories. NBC and the networks, they're all very mainstream, and they're a little more conservative in how they approach storytelling.

That bad person has strange clothes.

Do you like Italian music?

Sir showed herself to be anything but talkative.

Julian wears round glasses like John Lennon's.

We were all frightened by this teacher.

We stayed at a nice hotel.

Did you win the trophy?

I must read many books to add to my knowledge.


There was a glut of cotton goods due to cheap imports.


The tree was ready to fall down.

The guy playing the piano is Sekar.

I'm thinking of moving in with Piet.

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We could all use something to eat.

Where would you like to live?

I love to travel.

Luis left us some food and water.

To begin with, the funds are not sufficient for running a grocery.

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She found her first gray hair.


Joe Biden is the vice-president of the United States.


I think that they're a lot of fun.


A basketball team consists of five players.


He spoke, and all were silent.

Vivek will get himself killed if he's not more careful.

I can't really understand.


I've never actually met them.

I passed, so I deserved it.

Nothing else has worked.

Is this "giving sermons" or "sticking one's nose in someone else's business"?

Myron went to a fortune teller at the town fair and was told that someone would come into his life whose first name started with "M".

He can't drive.

I'm glad we've had this chance to talk.

You shouldn't have killed Brodie.

I had some problems to take care of.

Do you have a motorcycle?

Clarissa is always trying to impose his will on others.

His office is convenient for the station.

First of all, you misunderstood me.

All books can be divided into two categories.

Is there anything we need to do before this afternoon's meeting?

I thought you might like this back.

It seems that Taro doesn't have any girlfriends.

Who'll succeed?

There may be other factors that intervene in the relation between these two constants.

It's the easiest thing to remember.

That is not what the narrative is about.

Why do you want to see me?

What did those men look like?

I don't think his story is true.

In Switzerland, spring comes in May.

I'm going to get myself some coffee. Do you want some?

Ouch!! I've been stung by a bee!!

On a scale of 1 to 10, please rate your proficiency in the following languages.

Wash your hands, please.

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Saumya wanted you to come.

It's a skilful card player.

I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year.

Before I forget, I will tell you.

It's not something I can decide quickly.

Fabre wrote books about insects.

Is that bothering you?


We've lived here for a long time.

Apologize to her.

They blamed George for the failure.

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It's not nice to brag about your accomplishments.

I'm trying to concentrate.

No one has ever told me that before.


No one conceived his words to be important.


He made his way to presidency step by step.

I think Patrick is heroic.

The giant awoke!


Here's someone I want you to meet.


The kids are picking flowers in the garden.

These are students.

I saw something back there.

She volunteered to help him.

Where's the nearest underground station?

She grabbed her purse and left.

Look up to the skies.

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Robot voices are really creepy to me.

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I only hope it is not too late.


Douglas knew he had done something wrong.

Fritz is on the bus to the city.

The ultimate question for me is whether I like business.

We go way back.

Jot it down in your notebook.


I couldn't do it anymore.

The police covered the body with a sheet.

What was their goal?

Marcia is precise.

I have to sell my house.

Shannon works the lunch shift.

We await thee.


Mario has never asked anyone for a favor.

Kristin will be ready in a few minutes.

Randolph believes you.

He risked losing all his fortune.

His blue coat was dirty and wrinkled.

Keep her from eating too much.

The story came home to her.

It's what I'm used to doing.

We wanted Terrence.


He promised me to come here.

He is neither for nor against the plan.

I'm not sure when he'll come back.

Maarten should do what Christie says.

Did you sue them?


We will visit them soon.

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Do I have to change my diet?

A wet blanket is not always unpleasant when you come to know him well.

This is my favorite fairy tale.

I told Kamel he made a mistake.

We believed you.

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A people without knowledge is a people without strength.

My mom married my dad in the nineties.

Everybody wants to be here.

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Leith could've figured that out.

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Have you ever played with Doyle's dog?

The number of contributions represents the number of sentences added plus the number of translations added plus the number of sentences modified.

You will not be ready.


The plane will take off at five.


The same thing happened on Monday.


Courtney was named the head of the organization after the director retired.

The boys listened attentively.

I'm all right with that.

Ramesh and Pradeep both couldn't remember where they had first met.

Germany has good football players.

Skef knew exactly where he needed to go.

I don't want them to get angry.

I liked working with you.

Can you bring Lindsay?

I asked what Cole was reading.

That branch is the one that is falling.