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The Reason to build a
3d solar panels system

Field testing showed that the 3D array generated up to 2000% more than a fixed array with the same footprint.

Assembling the 3d Solar panels

is it hard to build?

The video guides are covering the process
step-by-step, you cannot build it wrong as every step is described in great detail.

what if i am having problems?

We provide e-mail support to all our clients and help finding the solution to their problems. We also have a great FAQ wating for you on the members area, where most of the questions are already answered.

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how much the materials
will cost?

To build a 1000W system you are gooing to spend under $120 on materials.
I will show you a simple trick which will allow you to buy 1000W of solar cells for under $100.

prove yourself that yoou can
be energy independent

There's no better feeling than knowing that you have the power of choice. Building your own 3D Solar Panels System will give you just that. Choose what you want to do with your hard earned money now!...

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dust free life

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try the DIY 3D solar panels video guide risk free now!