Rise Liberia!

Liberia is the fourth poorest nation in the world. Very few people have what we would consider a ‘job’. So, if a child has parents it would be rare for them to have an income. Add to this the fact that education is only available by way of a school fee. Sponsorship is essential, literally a life-line for a child.

When you 5147905039 or make a donation through Rise Liberia you are helping to build a foundation into a young person’s life that will literally affect a life-time. Your sponsorship will assure that your child will receive a consistent education, a school uniform, school supplies, a teacher and a school community, curriculum, and an opportunity to grow, spirit, soul & body, through our Rise Liberia School Strategy.  In other words, prepared to contribute real-world skills to develop themselves and their nation.


Tackling the Challenges Together

Today we had a very productive time with the teachers here on this Rise Liberia trip.  We spent some time hearing from them about the challenges they face in the school and their priorities.

It was so good to come together to strategize and look for solutions in the here and now as we work towards the larger vision, and make decisions about first steps.  

After we spent some time on teaching strategies that could be put into place immediately, and joined together in pra... read more


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