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The oldest of us is called Mikko.

Come home with me.

Would you be interested in having dinner with me?

Rabin reached into his bag and pulled out a book.

For detecting drugs or hidden explosives, there's no technology that can match a dog's nose.

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That story is too incredible to be true.


The floor is uneven.

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Mahmoud was covered in blood.

That's our job.

Elvis is riding his bicycle.

I bought him a drink to thank him for his help.

The song had a melody that went like this.

Maybe there isn't a difference.

Vance thinks he knows why Jeanette decided to become a nun.


It's too late to go out now.

I was upset by the news of the traffic accident.

This has never been tried before.


So where're you going?

They are both very excited.

Whoever says so, I don't believe him.

I don't care as long as they're comfortable with it.

Why don't you come in for a cup of coffee and a chat?

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This stone has a hole in the center.

My friend feels very ill.

Have you heard the big news?


She runs a charity.

The King now understood how the Queen he had had for some time past had been so ill-tempered. He at once had a sack drawn over her head and made her be stoned to death, and after that torn in pieces by untamed horses.

Is there a bus stop nearby?

The first stage of the operation has been accomplished.

I'm the witchfinder general.

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My friends went to the movies without me.

It would've been great if you could've been here for my birthday party.

Mr. Wang is Chinese.


Brad seems to care.

Never fail to lock the door when you go to bed.

We have a good team right now.

I converted my yen into dollars.

He was last on the list.

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I wasn't writing anything.


If you're busy, I can do that for you.

There's a lot to see in Boston.

Please wait until the end of this month.

Repeat your name!

We have received many orders from the U.S.

I don't think you'll like that.

She died in 1960.

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What have you done with my pen? It was here a minute ago.

Can I talk to you out here?

Tahsin seems to be very lonely.

He bought a bicycle for fifty thousand yen.

Terry didn't plan to go to Boston.


It isn't totally exact.

The net got entangled in the screw.

It is up to you to finish the task.

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Thank you, could I have a little more?

He is a member of the parochial board.

Have you ever seen a bear in this area?

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There isn't anything that anybody can do to avoid the inevitable.


The typhoon will approach the Kanto district around two in the afternoon.

I want everyone to help me clean the house.

I had not once thought about going into the sea since I came here, but at this moment, for some reason, I wanted to remove my clothes.

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Pradeep didn't show up for the meeting.


This task requires dexterity.

How did you get it?

He who seeks a flawless horse or flawless wife, may rest assured that even if his work he did forsake, nor bed nor stable would he ever fill.

Does he have money?

Is it hard to speak English?

We clashed on that matter.

Left alone, the baby began to cry.

The book is open.

He met a pretty brunette at the evening party.

I never thought I would enjoy living in the country.

I told Seenu to never see my sister again.


That new gizmo that you want is over at the store now.

We bought a new washer.

You're not as important as you think.

Please confine yourself to a short comment.

It's people like you who give Boston a bad name.

They're open till eight.

The word "house" evokes the mental image of a rectangular building with a roof and smoking chimney, which may be surrounded by grass and trees and inhabited by a happy family.

It could contain anything.

Anatole never would agree.


I like to travel by ship.

We have all the information we need.

Lois's embarrassed.

They aim to stir unease in societies.

Look for the key to this trunk, Anne.

The cat is brown.

These gloves are too small for me.


What do you call your dog?

The rumor quickly spread.

This computer runs on batteries.

Is that what happened with him?

Don't throw them away. You'll need them later.


I thought I'd never find June.

Don't leave without telling me.

He's not in the mood.


I watched TV only to waste an hour.

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Conrad and I have started to get on each other's nerves.

Maybe that was the point.

I'll explain it next time.

This book will be of great use to us.

I appreciate the courtesy.

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I'm thinking of going to Germany to study medicine.

Suddenly he noticed me.

The police will never catch us.


This river is the widest in Europe.


She cannot play the piano.

Put your camera away.

This discovery opened up the floodgates to research and led to the establishment of the discipline as a legitimate field of inquiry.

Can I come backstage?

I find your argument too convoluted. Couldn't you try to make it simpler and more concise?

You'd be stupid to trust him.

Bucky was wondering whether she counted for Kemal as a mere word or as a real person.

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"Hey, everyone! I'm back!" "My boy, you're late. I hope you have an explanation." "Yeah, traffic was bad up from here to Koridai."

He concentrated on his studies.

I borrow books from the library.

I'll miss that.

The application deadline is October 20th.

We watched the soccer game on TV.

Thank you for completing this form.


I have a suggestion for you.

Let's talk about you.

The doctor said that Kylo didn't have to stay in the hospital.


I have allergies.


If she had been a little more patient, she could have succeeded.


Stefan couldn't decide what to eat.

Are you sane?

Take command.

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This may not be a real diamond.

She parades her wealth.

Why are you touching my boyfriend?

I know a great restaurant in the area. It's not too pricey and the food is delicious.

I didn't ignore Ralph.

Pamela's disappointed.

I expect Hienz to be here by 2:30.


We walked to my room.

He was right behind me.

Everyone's very excited.

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Konrad opened the box and took out a beautiful ring.


You're still in love with Hunter, aren't you?

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There's nothing left to eat.

There's always a catch.

I wanted to be him.

Yesterday, she took her own life.

I couldn't make myself understood in English.

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What's wrong with the way we did it?

These are my best friends.

Perhaps you will never manage to walk.

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That hasn't been my experience.

He will tell everything to me sooner or later.

You knew this might happen.


I really need to talk with someone.

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Don't be shy.

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"I believe that the code for Lebanon is 961," the shopkeeper said.

He gave me a blank stare.

When did they go home?