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I'm working with them now.


Morgan wasn't sure at first where to go.

I'll certainly talk to them.

Good evening!


Stephen asked me if I knew anybody living in Boston.

I don't have much time now.

It's a question of taste.


I laid down for a short nap and fell asleep for two hours.

"Would you mind opening the window?" "Of course not."

Do you have tuna fish?


Did I startle you?

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My father is always forgetting things.

He made superhuman efforts to maintain world peace.

I know it's asking a lot.

Do you want to go to a movie?

The kids have had enough of your rules.


Chuck will be worried.

What's happening down there?

Tomorrow is Saturday, February 5th, 2011.


Let's sit here on a bench.


She has a comfortable income to live on.


Mom, can you give me money to buy candy?

He moved to Istanbul with his wife.

I need to get something.

You ignored Martyn, didn't you?

Put this in your backpack.

She's one tough cookie.

All I can think about is next month's vacation. I haven't been on one in so long.

Bonnie has written a couple of books.

Ken believes Darin.

Spudboy wanted to stick around for a few more days.

She has a house, a dog, a cat, two kids and a husband.


He holds a lot of land.

In the event of rain, the game will not be held.

What are you up to now?

Japan's army took control of the government in Tokyo in late 1931.

Andy speaks ill of Jennifer.

I'm not sure if I'll do that.

Now, wait a second.

She is on the radio.

If there is no God, everything is permitted.

Naomi couldn't keep the secret to himself.

Lex was 13 years old at that time.

Eat your food.

I erased one.

I said get down!

Tomorrow, it will rain.

The lightning flashed.

Forty-eight sailors are on the ship.


Leif did not raise his head.


I would not have done that.

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The kettle is steaming.

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Dawson has a reputation of never getting things done on time.


Are you staying with them?

Anatole was there all the time.

Irina has a delicate face with high cheekbones.


I'm not a bit surprised.


You should wash your hair.


I met him while I was staying in Paris.


You and Margie were childhood friends, right?


Your answer almost amounts to a threat.


He rented a room on the top floor in order to enjoy a good view.

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Does that seem wise?

The lady persisted in wearing such an old-fashioned shirt.

He has a meeting every Sunday afternoon.


The guilty fear the law, the innocent fortune.

She had a sexual encounter with him.

Rome is worthy of a visit.

The cruelty of the torture in the police station is beyond description.

Stick with me until we get out of the crowd.

You're taking a big risk.

Eric won't be away for long.


I'm racking my brains to find a solution.


No one dared to approach Gerard, as he had a knife in his hand.


The question is how to get this done in time.

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You goose, you're doing it all wrong!


Let's see if we can get lucky.

I'm just curious what your plan is.

A gentleman would not spit on the street.


Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

We didn't tell you that.

I don't feel much like laughing.


Sometimes, questions provide us with more information than answers.

The beach was fairly empty.

This coin will bring you good luck.

The air got cooler when I was coming back home on my bike.

What didn't you like about Byron?


Wealth begets power.

I was surprised at his success at all.

There's also another possibility.

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What's your favorite computer game?

Stop picking on me.

Rayan showed up late to class.

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This air cleaner came pretty cheap when I bought it, but I'm rather suspicious of the "negative ions" it produces.


We're having an examination in geometry tomorrow.

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Moses and Nelken walked around the sand dunes.

The dog began to run.

Rudolph's great-grandfather was born blind.

Devon certainly knows a lot about Boston.

The woman hugged the baby.

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Martha's Vineyard looks a lot like Sylt.

You don't need to tell me.

I always take a bus.

It might be him.

Most young people don't know the terror of war.

I knew I should've come with you.

These are people.

Do you have a cigarette and a light?

We've got more money than we know what to do with.

Do you know where we can find Francois?

I got some money for my birthday.


We need some help down here.

I want children.

She is just such a teacher as we all admire.

I cooked dinner for her.

Mr. Suzuki persuaded his son to give up his plan to study abroad.

Please give me my book back.

The fall from the horse resulted in a broken leg.


I always take a bath before going to bed.


How does she know this? Bradford, did you tell her?


Jared has been watching.

The boy has four rabbits, two male and two female ones.

It was hard for them to say no.

The program admits of some improvement.

I really like him!

It was an era of lawlessness.

A man of sense wouldn't speak to you like that.

When they see Maria, children start to cry and dogs start to bark. What is it about her that has this effect?

The affair will come to a happy conclusion.

He walks to school.

You don't have to go to the trouble of getting an umbrella.


Is there something you're hiding?

I really have to get back to the office.

He brought a car from Japan.

Blow out all the candles on the birthday cake at once.

This book contains a lot of short stories.

I figure it's because when I'm driving around, my zip code keeps changing.

I think your eyes are so beautiful.


Her older daughter is married.

Konrad asked Randal why she was so late.

Bruno can't see anything without his glasses.


She is no longer the cheerful woman she once was.


I don't waste rounds.

Let's not overreact.

There being no taxis available, we walked home.

Do you want to tell me about it now?

Olaf cares very much.

The general concentrated the soldiers in Paris.

According to the fortune teller, I was supposedly a prince in another life.

I don't think Mason will like this place.

Five thousand yen is enough to buy this dictionary.

This was an executive decision.

You don't think that I did it, do you?


Seenu unrolled the rope ladder and hung it out the window.