Maurice told Gale what John wanted.

It looks like the flight was delayed.

Eliminating the deficit will be a hard nut to crack.


We should be there helping you.

Trent didn't ask Vishal where she'd gone.

Maria awaited him, but he did not come.


We needed space.

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On the second morning, the Scotsman saw from the top of his tree a great castle far away.


We'll never catch him.

That's no longer allowed.

She's a xenophobe.


Will graduated from high school three years ago.


I laughed when I heard him swear his love.

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That camera is the smallest.

I'm going to turn her in.

Deb was a good pilot.

Steven looked at the poster.

You were too young.

We have to save for a rainy day.

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch up.


Life is as a box of matches. Treating it cautiously is foolish, not treating it cautiously is dangerous.


I want something else to read.

I expected better of Boyd.

I have no opponents.

I'll see her tomorrow at school.

This edition is limited to seven thousand copies.


What can Rayan do for them?

Do you want to go out for coffee?

He has endured sacrifices for the United States that most of us cannot begin to imagine.


Don't mess with her.

Elliott's confused.

Don't teach monkeys how to climb.

Show Miltos your bruise.

Are you filming?

I was just getting started.

This tooth is wobbly.

Leith is an honorable man.

We were at the edge of the hurricane.


May I ask you something?

Lemons and limes are acidic fruits.

Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Is there a haunted house in this village?

Jayesh did it for money.


You seem a little desperate.


I'm having a hard time answering your question.

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They say that he is the richest person in the world.


Would you like to join us for a game of cards?

She likes my jokes.

He just drones on and on but hardly even touches on what we need to know for the test.

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Elric tried to strangle Charleen.

I'm looking out the window right now.

She's a good kisser.

What was the real reason for Luc's refusal?

I want to know where you live.

The new discovery proved useful to science.

I love his daughter.

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Can we reach a consensus on this issue?


The cliff is almost vertical.

If this is the information age, what are we so well-informed about?

It's a little nasty.

Why can't you stay with us?

Sundar is the one who told me about that.

Sassan finds it hard to live on his income.

Ricky didn't buy anything for Allen.

Life goes by pretty fast.

You are a bit fat.

That's why you pay us.

We left Boston at 2:30 this morning.


Remember your promise, Pratapwant.

I've heard that people can eat cat food without any harmful effects.

Drew is two years my senior.

It's too late for us to back out.

He is off work for a few days.


She experienced a pain in her leg.


Tareq doesn't know who he can trust any more.

Bradford made himself get up.

It's not as if they were BOTH rich.

Aristotle believed that the sublunary sphere was made from four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Won't you sit down?

I do not fear death.

You can't do anything about that.

"Is it OK if I go to the restroom?" "Sure. I'll wait here for you then."

Has John decided on a career yet?

Per didn't have permission.

Tell Karen to stop.

I like a lot the sound and rhythm of your translation.

I need them to sign this.


When will the MCA take place?

Celia seemed to be surprised.

He'll come home when the moon is full.

Valerie unwrapped his sandwich and started eating it.

Everybody knows I used to live in Boston.

Kim's always criticizing Jisheng and putting her down.

I'm glad Bret was there to help us.


Do you have enough food?

Tobias wouldn't do such a thing.

The village was silent.

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Do come in!

They have taken her away.

Susan whispered in Reid's ear.


I get anxious waiting for a friend for a long time.

I didn't ruin my clothing.

This table is made from reclaimed wood.

She often sits there reading a book.

How did your sister die?

I was dog tired when I got home last night.

The young Russian geologist hammered off a piece of the stone and minutely examined it. "Basalt!" - he cried rapturously, passing a fragment of the rock to his German colleague.


Benson reached out for the knife.


Nail polish remover stinks a lot.

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Bud doesn't want to admit how much he misses Gordon.

Can I eat this?

Why do academics have a double life?


Choosing something means giving something up.

Let's compare the translation with the original.

You're not going to sleep, are you?

Does Mike call his dog Pochi?

The play was a lot of fun.

Jinny didn't yell at us.

Let's find out what Maarten needs us to do.

Why do you hesitate?

It's obvious that he's wrong.

I will take the one that is more expensive.

If you don't stop, I'll tell Mom.

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I'm sure you'll be welcome.

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Damone started to say something, but didn't.

We suffered a lot together.

They're very capable.

Benjamin Franklin was an American statesman and inventor.

All interactions involve the use of some kind of turn-taking organization.


The boy, it turns out, has already vanished.

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The theory of games shows that what we name "moral principles" are no other than the strategy elements enabling the group to optimise its survival. Men like to dress their eagerness under the guise of charity.

He measures the time with a radio clock.

I listened to some records last night.


And when you talk to me, take off your hat.

I have two keys for the front door, but I can't find either.

This measure is in accord with our policy.

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I feel it's something I can do.

Sharada is on the board of directors.

Mr. Shimada works at an osteopathic clinic.

From that day on, he'll never say hello to me again.

One man's trash is another man's treasure.


Trent went up to the stage and presented the next artist.

I don't like standing around.

Norm tried to convince Tiefenthal that he'd changed.

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I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark place.

The oranges cost 7 pence each.

A young lady came to see him.

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He had to stay in hospital for a week.

My head is swimming, so I'll try writing any-old stuff without any deep thought.

He never saw her again.


I didn't know that Hsuan smoked.


Moran is still studying in Boston, isn't he?


A dog run away.

No one's watching me.

Do you really believe that?

His carpet is completely white.

Jones is well qualified for the job.