This poem was written by him last night.

For example, if I want to get downtown what bus should I take?

I would do the same.

Are you guys going to vote for Edith Jackson?

It's scary how little consideration she gives to being a woman.


She is sore everywhere.

The small dog tried to get away.

Don't get so angry.

I take it you two know each other.

You understand French, don't you?


The thief set his eyes on that house.


We're not going to harm you.

It is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all.

She's not in yet.

I want to stretch my legs.

Thanks for the gift.

Sales are down now.

We have a lot of homework to do.

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Patricia could have told Angela the truth, but he chose not to.


I read about him in the newspaper.

He was in good health last summer.

What should I do if my husband is impotent?


He explained that he hadn't written because he had lost our address.


That's not what she's going to talk about.


Are you volunteering?


He was ambitious of political fame.

I'd like to get you to help me ask the teacher for time off.

He has 12 sons.


I can take a rest.

I don't know what Terrance watches nowadays.

Please don't laugh at me.

Cliff takes care of Knute.

She says she did nothing illegal.

She insisted that he should stay where he was.

Stanly asked Manjeri if she spoke more than three languages.

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His name escapes me.

Christopher Columbus once met the child in Sentence 47456 and opened his eyes to the world.

Don't write in library books.

I cannot bask in the sun. It's too hot now.

It's good to talk things over before you buy something.

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I knew you'd come.


Is it possible to buy potatoes here?

I want to do something in a house.

Corn pancakes are part of traditional peasant cuisine.


It's hard for me to decide where to go tonight.

Wooden spoons start to mildew if they're left in the sink too long.

You should think of it too.

Why did you dislike them?

It was a test.


Do you know the reason Gerard came here today?

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Jessie is my most attractive friend.

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Can you tell a sheep from a goat?

I was free from work yesterday.

The air was blocked off, extinguishing the fire.

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Marlena said he couldn't clean the pool tomorrow afternoon.


Please help yourself to the desserts.


Curious gazes, gazes carrying a bit of murderous intent...it goes without saying that I couldn't be more uncomfortable.

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Have we understood each other?


It's a trick.

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She won the contest.


I'm waiting for your help.


The calf muscle is located on the back of the lower leg.

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If you go to Beijing, definitely have a look at Tiananmen Square.


Your name isn't Lana, is it?

Art is a restaurant critic.

Did you call him up yesterday?

Mott walked off with Susumu's umbrella.

That's what the papers said.

There are some strange animals in that zoo.

To learn the answer you must know a little about the magnetic field around the world.

The landscape is unfamiliar to me.

He lied brazenly.

Can I ask why not?

I already have one of those.

How did I look?

I have little knowledge of biochemistry.


Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.


Did you threaten Stephe?

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I was greatly moved by her kindness.

Cyrus is a talented actor.

There is no knowing what will happen next.


Let Clem do his job.

When did you get home?

Hui and his friends are in the next room singing drinking songs.


He'll leave for Tokyo tomorrow.


I'm sorry. I should have called first.

"Are you two dating?" "I don't know."

I saw Peter a short time ago.


He filled the bottle with water.

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Love is love.


She went to school in spite of the pain in her right leg.

I can't deny it.

This is the letter written by Mr. Brown.


Sonny is a very charismatic man.


That country broke off diplomatic relations with the United States.

I am afraid that it will rain.

Where did you see Sergio?

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Don't touch me with your soapy hands.


You have to make the right choice.

The thief was bound hand and foot.

Japan should not spend much money on weapons.

He caught the ball with his left hand.

Roxanne is really angry, isn't he?


Notwithstanding the objections made by some of the corporations party to this arbitration, the committee has decided to remunerate the victims of the accident, as well as cover any medical expenses they may incur.

In 2013, Mick was a student in Boston.

That's why Reid came.


He had lit the torch before he entered the cave.


Brandy said he had nothing else to do.


Perhaps Lorien and Naren are more than just friends.

I see double.

Lindsey means exactly the opposite of what he's saying.

I'll give it right back.

It's a wonderful day for a picnic.

This'll do.

Glenn suddenly stopped talking.

Better him than me.

Scot is not as fat as me.


And the master of the banquet tested the water that had been turned into wine.


They searched the area between the river, the farmhouse, and the woods.

He seems to be at home in Greek literature.

I have been studying you just as a biologist studies an animal species.

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The little girl asked a question of her teacher.

This room has a hundred ruble entrance fee. Those who knock get a 100% discount.

We are trying to close the box.

Can you help us find Tad?

I can almost see my parent's happy face in my mind's eye.


I don't feel like waiting any longer.


The police aren't allowed to drink on duty.

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They talk too much.


She was late as a result of the heavy snow.


What other options do I have?

He ran at the sight of the policeman.

You don't seem to want to come with us.

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What actually happened is a bit different from what you said.

Casper doesn't come here as often as he used to.

Jade, take a small gun.


My parents think I'm studying medicine.

She feels homesick.

I assume you asked Elaine to tell Helen what the situation is.

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You're into this up to your neck, Konrad.

My alarm didn't go off.

Kriton didn't wait another second.

Stuart seems a little bored.

What's back there?