I think that my parents like my sister more than me.

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Let's give them a hand.

I'm anxious for him to return safe.

You're way better looking than I am.

At 1 p.m. I have lunch at a restaurant.

Don't you smoke?


I can't help but laugh at how foolish you were.

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What else do we need?


These books can be borrowed from the library for one week.

You're a cruel man.

I forgot to call Mr. Ford.

The product should not be reprocessed.

Was there something you wanted to tell me?


Everett has told me all about it.

Stop running your mouth!

We could go travelling for a few days.

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We've got several options.

That'll never change.

How does this affect you?


The homework was so complex that no one in class finished it.


Qo'noS is the home planet of the Klingons.

I'll have it done before 2:30.

I was dreaming.

Only take what you can get in one suitcase.

I thought you were Canadian.

Excuse me, ladies!

Everyone knew the song.


Did you push the button?

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Please don't leave me with them.

I need to find out what these are.

I know I'm not a likable guy.

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Do you really think Sylvan is innocent?

Spencer rented a snowboard.

Ironically it is war that has brought a great many useful inventions into being.

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We should never give up.


I don't like to use Google Translate.

I want to know more about Vicky.

Malaclypse can't lend Donal any money right now.


She was often late for school.

Everybody was startled.

She's beautiful, stylish and well-educated.

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He's a little tipsy.

Charlene has to sign his name on this document.

You worry too much about Rafik.

Roberta is on the verge of tears.

Sandy and Amir want to speak to you.


If you don't like him, why were you talking to him?

Because of the heavy snow, the train was 10 minutes late.

Compared to before, it's already improved greatly.

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He dropped in on me yesterday.

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She restrained tears with difficulty.

The idea of flesh-eating plants has long captured the human imagination.

Both Bobbie and Randell don't have full-time jobs.


Shakil moved closer to Raphael on the sofa.

It'd be nice not to have to worry about money.

Shall we shoot the breeze for a while before talking business?

Dan trashed his room and stormed out of the house.

We'll catch him.


Do you know where Horst hides his money?

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That's woefully inadequate.

Loyd asked Loukas if he could borrow her bicycle.

I knew it could happen.


There is a strange man at the door.


Anna got married without her parents' knowledge.

I was moved to pity.

She looks quite pretty.

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Everyone likes pizza.

Nou is coming here for Thanksgiving.

Are you going to ask Doug or not?

Andries wanted to have a nicer car than his neighbors.

I'm pretty sure Shahid is right.


I think Leo is ambitious.

Do a lot of people live in your town?

I have access to his library.


There are still many cultural differences between East and West Germany.

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Intimate photos were stolen from many celebrities' phones.

No one will bother to do such a thing.

That's one of the ugliest dogs I have ever seen.

Do you really need to print this email?

How did he find that out?

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What's the trouble?

It's instinct.

Let's get married.


English is a kind of universal language.

I'm proud of you guys.

Have you told Myrick why he shouldn't be doing it that way?

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I wish to speak to him.

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I can't wait for summer vacation to start.

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Sehyo is very worried now.


Is everyone waiting?

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She likes Nara all the better because she can feel at home there.

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He seems to be rich.

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Work as the ant.

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The garden is bare and brown.


I'm heartbroken.


I wanted to give you something, but I wasn't sure what you'd like.

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He goes there three times a week.

That's the limit.

Guido likes girls.

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If I had it all to do over again, I wouldn't change a thing.


She didn't want to know anything about his personal life.


The lake was beautiful with some swans swimming on it.


It's no crime to steal from a thief.


Nobody invests in my country.


I didn't sing.


I made friends with many Americans at the party.


I'm supposed to see him.


Our shelves were empty.

Soohong just went nuts.

Many buildings in New York don't have a thirteenth floor.


Let's wait a few days and see what happens.

Erwin is hiding under the table.

We can only do so much.

I thought he was joking.

At times, it snows even in April around here.

We're stranded.

Can I get 20 dollars on pump 3?

Buy two egg boxes.

Do you know Julia's home address?

I don't need to tell you anything.

The Mongol hordes wiped out everything in their path.


Susanne couldn't restrain his anger.


You don't want that, do you?

Why do you have your umbrella up? It's not raining.

I like to look at the mountains from my window when I'm in my house.

I thought we were all going to die.

Cathrin is old enough to know that what he did was wrong.

It's silly of you to believe him.

Do you like this colour?


The ship changed its course.

That wasn't your fault.

She had a watch.

He is an unpleasant fellow.

Then John gave this testimony.

I can't leave him.

I've already read this report.

I can see you.

People were captivated by the story.

Thuan often walks to school.

Should I tell her to call you?

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I don't have that.


Why do you lie for her?

They thought they were invincible.

We left when it was too late.