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Personal Representatives
  NorthStar Probate LiquidatorsTM Inc provides probate services to Executors (Personal Representatives), Heirs, and Probate Attorneys. We create win-win-win solutions with ethics, integrity and empathy.

When a loved one passes away, family and friends are usually left to clear up the estate. This means going through probate. The probate process can last six months to two years, sometimes even longer, during which time all the assets of the estate are not only tied up in the courts but also get drained dollar by dollar.

NorthStar Probate LiquidatorsTM Inc purchase all or part of the assets of an estate so creditors can be dispersed in a timely manner. We are Certified Probate Liquidation Specialists and not sales agents, we actually purchase estate assets which results in time savings, less paperwork and no sales commissions. Working with NorthStar Probate Liquidators allows you to dispose of assets when the time is right, and at reasonable prices.

NorthStar Probate LiquidatorsTM Inc has the resources to buy most estate assets outright for cash from residential and commercial real estate to art and promissory notes. We can liquidate estates with assets located in multiple states, or even in other countries, while assisting in tying up loose ends- turning assets into cash in a matter of weeks.

Contact us for current information and assistance to help you navigate the probate process and place the estate of your lost loved one in order. Wouldn't it be nice to get on with your life knowing that the estate has been settled?

NorthStar Probate LiquidatorsTM Inc. does not offer legal advice. Heirs and Executors should always consult with an attorney familiar with probate law.