You swim better than me.

The coffee is too bitter for me to drink.

The weeks pass like dreams.

I like your scarf.

Thank you for the link.

I never liked Grace.

You could at least tell Ramanan that he doesn't need to do that anymore.

I'll let him know you called.

Leads just wanted attention.

We should be fighting with Ron.

Salted monkey nuts are popular in many parts of the world.

I want to show you something in the office.

I'm looking forward to receiving your favorable answer.

The event starts at 4pm.


Everything's going to be just fine.


The weather was beautiful and we stayed on the beach all day.

I wish we could offer you some help.

I told you this is how it would end.

How much for this carpet?

Spencer is having trouble focusing.

Do you think I'm weird?

I want to send an airmail letter to Poland.

Dad! Mom! I have some great news for you!

I explained what the matter was.

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You're interesting.

I want to learn how to play the guitar.

"Did you like his music?" - "No, did you?"

I'm the leader here.

My brother suffers from osteoporosis.


History is written by the winners.

Grab your gear.

I have no idea where you might find Pierre.


They kissed under the moonlight.

How much money do you owe her?

Robert was elected president.


I remember last night very well.

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Your new guitar sounds good.

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What's the evidence?

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I have been to the station.

I just had a vision.

You have what you need.

You don't give orders here.

For your undesecratable deeds.

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Do you want to go to Germany with me?

My spirits are up.

Dimitry didn't want to seem shy.

Myron told Hon that John was looking for her.

How much does it cost to get a haircut nowadays?

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You know, I had a lot of fun.


I have eaten a pizza.

The question is simple.

As soldiers they went to the front.

I just want to snuggle.

She needed 10.5 liters of nitric acid for the experiment.

Let me know if anything strange happens.

We are making progress.


Regrettably, I cannot agree with you.


Will Madonna ever stop singing?

Your gums are in bad shape.

Wolfgang is the most handsome actor in the world.

Perry believed he could actually predict the future.

He exploited his position to build up his fortune.

How might that change?

The night was long.


Finally, we got to the Mississippi.

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May I ask you what your weight is?

Vickie will go, too, won't he?

I have a cough.

The defeat didn't dampen his spirits.

My knowledge of Japanese is rather poor.

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Kate definitely wasn't a party person.

We must work hard to complete the project.

Jim Waller is a strong candidate for the post of sales manager.

What's your password?

The teapot is whistling.

These government officials are corrupt.

A decision has been made.

Companies were organized to carry out the move.

I was there a year ago.

When parents get old in Japan, they are customarily looked after by their children.

Please give me a smile.


Annie bit Dawn.

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I was wondering why you weren't here.

The lunch prepared by Inday filled me very much.

Let's take a vote.

He dwells in the country.

The president promised to ax government spending.

I just need to know what Darrell wants.

One should love one's own mother.


Next Monday, she'll have been in the hospital for a month.

"Who's that in the corner?" "That's Dylan. Don't mind him."

Are you sure his name was Alexis?

I always keep three dictionaries at hand.

They live on the other side of the road.


Tracy pulled a chair over and sat down.

Franz Liszt created the concept of the "symphonic poem". This is a composition for orchestra that uses music to describe nonmusical content. This could include, for example, people, legendary figures, landscapes, or paintings.

She will be missed.

They'll think of something.

He entered the college to study electronics.

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This wasn't my question. I wanted to know something else.

She knew what needed to be done.

Tanning can cause skin cancer.

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I saw you spying on her.


I'm simply doing my job.

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I have already packed my things.

You wanted me to get a job, so I did.

Damone is doing something.

You should've left me alone.

Why do you drink until you are that drunk?


When would you have time to come over and help me move my piano?

I've brought something for you.

Linley is on the verge of dying.

They work together.

I am naked!

Has Jorge asked you out yet?

"You don't get on well with your father?" "..." "Sorry, that was none of my business."


How many soldiers died in World War Two?

How long were you gone?

I'll clean up the house before my parents come.

Do we support this?

Naim just sat there with his eyes closed.


Beth is seeing her teacher in the teacher's room now.

I broke up with my girlfriend.

It was my decision to make.

The genitive singular of "rosa" is "rosae".

That might be possible, I suppose.

You looked angry.

Is this "giving sermons" or "sticking one's nose in someone else's business"?

I couldn't go swimming much last summer.

Has it been 10 years already?

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Sold out.

Do you know where Bob found the diamond?

We spent a fabulous day in the woods.

They will go there with me.

I'm unemployed.

Where's my coat?

I'm not advocating that.

Mom, there is nothing to eat.

We'll find that out soon enough.

Alan is a poet.

Besides being a statesman, he is a well-known painter.

The equations are very complicated.

Thank you for telling us that.


Kerri does look a lot like John, doesn't he?


It's Gerard you should be yelling at.


Sanford usually takes a shower before eating breakfast.

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I don't think people use that word anymore.

There's one cup on the table.

If you don't play honestly, I will stop playing with you.

I don't know what more I can say.

This guy cut Kusum off, and Adam gave him the finger.

Terri pulled open the drawer.

I wanted to see if there was a chance to save the festival.

I like Alpine skiing better than Nordic skiing.

Go ahead and start with anything you like.

We'd better not change the schedule.

The main thing that dreams lack is consistency.

You said to give Elizabeth what he needs.

Would you like some more cake?


There is danger of confusion between them.

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"I heard voices in my head." "What were the voices saying?"

The night is still young.

It has been windy for two days.

She is leaving for America tonight.

Where can I go to get a map of Europe?