This has to be the last one.

I'll just check.

The laborer was layed off for 3 weeks.

You're really wonderful.

Sandip had three failed marriages.

The meat was very tender inside.

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Rakhal wants to buy a new dress. What do you want to buy?

You're a weird kid.

Shankar doesn't seem to understand French.

Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

Is roast chicken on the menu tonight?


It seems to be serious.

Let's give her a minute.

Phill has a butler.

I think I know what this means.

Let me check.


Real has visited Hungary.

Hey, could someone call the tech guy? The printer's acting up again!

You got what you wanted.

Micheal is weaving a carpet.

Boobs are the proof that men can focus at two things at once!

I already tried that.

I don't have any rooms for rent.

I don't even know why.

She is good at playing the guitar.

We must leave immediately.

It's true that you're wrong.

I'm going to need more of these.

Tears of happiness streamed down her cheeks.

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What foreign language do you study in your school?

I'm not going to study tonight.

There used to be a castle on the top of the mountain.


Textile News has a large following among those working in the textile industry.

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You miss Boston, don't you?

This really is remarkable.

Valerie had nothing to do with any of that.

Who the hell is Adam Kadmon?

Leif majored in business.

On the same day, Apollo 11 succeeded in landing on the moon's surface.

We've been driving in circles for an hour.

The accident happened in one of the President's official trips.

When Patrick went to cook dinner, she found that her potatoes had sprouted in the cupboard.


I've stayed away too long.

I bought that scarf we looked at yesterday.

All the coaches of the train were packed to capacity ten minutes before it started.


Lie to me again. In this case I'd prefer not to know the truth.


I'm not telling you anything.

Spike picked up the cat.

A wonderful view, isn't it?

I started to become impatient.

Additional imports of American beef are planned to meet rising demand.

He seems to be in a dark humor.

I really do have to get back to work.


You're probably the only person in Boston who has never been to this park before.


I will forever be immortal.

Some people say I look like Ole.

Don't make a mountain out of a molehill.

He's putting on airs.

Gastroenteritis is often caused by the norovirus.

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He is not a liar.

Raghu took these pictures, didn't he?

You recognize Antonella, don't you?

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Jesus is a stranger here.


Geoffrey has no sense of shame.


What was the matter this morning?

It's morning.

I have no idea who that is either.


There's no cure for death.


We can see many stars tonight.

Answer the question, Lars.

I won't be there.

Steven had to prepare for his trip.

He isn't quite a gentleman.

I ran to school, but the bell had already rung.

Put your name on this document.

If you could do that for me, I'd appreciate it.

I can't ever be with you.

I haven't seen her in ages.

Jim has learned to like Japan.


I can do everything myself.

His sister resides in Scotland.

I'm telling you the truth.


I'll meet her there.


Johnathan didn't move his lips.


We've got to catch up with Urs and Rafik.

Why is that so hard to believe?

There's nothing I wouldn't do for Roberta.


Mayo didn't think it was right.

These are not your forks.

Mat found Leung's story interesting.


Don't let me die.

Who gave you this document?

At least my mother stuck around long enough to see me graduate from junior high school.

I'm about to tell you something important.

I am delighted to meet you.


I didn't know you were coming by.


We're cardiologists.


We can't just leave her behind.


I seldom hear from Jean-Christophe.

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Saturn's atmosphere has winds which can blow at over 1800 kilometers per hour.


Life is cheap.

When a philosopher answers me, I no longer understand my question.

I couldn't rent a car.


It's going to be a little bit of a problem.

The spies poisoned the count.

We could ask him not to go.

Is that your most favorite golf club?

She is evidently sick.


He's a hopeless case.

Today, one of every seven people in Western Europe is classified as elderly.

I heard about Sergei.

We like your car.

We've been having a busy night.

She moved closer to him.

Do you think I should go alone?

There are no comments for now.

What the devil can you do with this?


I thought I'd made it clear that I didn't want to do that.

They did not enter.

An innocent man was arrested by mistake.

Jon leaned down and kissed his daughter on the forehead.

I turned off my phone.

I think Dion is intense.

I enjoyed myself at the party yesterday.

I want to eat a spicy chicken in a big plate!

Can you send someone to fix it as soon as possible?

Unable to sense the situation.

I wouldn't recommend that right now.

Do you recognize it?

I'm not sure why Norbert is being blamed for the accident.

Please replace the empty ink jet cartridge in the printer.

I read the paper while eating.

Hey, guys, wait for me!

I had great difficulty at the beginning.

How can it happened?

I talked to her last night.

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That she grew up in America is well-known.

I've been to church.

I wanted to play tag with the other children, but they wouldn't let me.


Let me know if there's anything I can help you with.


Vince threw Roy a life preserver.


I thought you understood me.

Tickets are available at the door for thirty dollars.

Pamela believed what Antonio told him.

The cat catches mice.

My father retired from his job several years ago.

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What's the matter, Jane? You look like you aren't feeling well.


At his words her color paled.

I'll go to the store after I eat.

Have you ever ridden a mule?


You have until Monday to finish that report.

His hair stood on end.

The baby was named Ichiro after his uncle.

Go, go, go!

Why don't you make a documentary film out of your life?

You could feel the tension in the air.

Almost everybody does that.

That man was standing a little ways away, but he turned when he heard Kevan shout.

We really don't know.

I go hunting in my leisure time.

This is a real mess.