Les isn't as tall as you.

I've only seen her twice.


Lorenzo goes out drinking every evening.


The ring couldn't be found anywhere.


I heard that Wolfgang doesn't live in Boston anymore.

Stephe can't seem to understand what we're saying.

The first native speaker of Esperanto was born in 1904; today there are several thousand Esperanto native speakers.

Rayan asked me if he could hold my hand.

Nobody was home.

We have to run now.

Damone has changed very little.


Brooke bent down to look under the table.


Ask an expert.

I'll give up smoking.

I don't know what to say other than I'm sorry.

Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.

Can I use your car for a little while?

Your opinion is important.

The baby is crawling.


Is this typewriter available?

She has been dyeing her hair black for years.

He had never traveled outside his home city.

That's a very depressing thought.

We don't sell generics in this pharmacy.


Ralph says he has no idea where Simon is.

Don't twist my words around.

Nobody defends my country.

He began to get suspicious about her.

I didn't know you were interested in antiques.

Arne lives right down the street.

I told you his name was Roberta, didn't I?

The pupils stand up when their teacher enters.

We always play tennis on Saturday morning.

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How exactly am I supposed to do that?

What with overwork and what with little sleep at night, he fell ill.

The dog next door is always barking.

I miss Part. I hope he comes back soon.

Who can do this work?

I don't know any blind men.

My grandson is still a baby.

She says, that she likes flowers.

I'm very sorry about what the U.S. has done in Iraq. This war has been a tragedy for everyone.


In the fall, covers are put over the fans in trains.


Paint our house. Use the orange paint.

Darrell won't get away with this.

He didn't calm down until much later.

Ask him about it when he comes.

She attends cultural meetings.


I'm here to fix the broken window.

Both read the Bible day and night, but thou read'st black where I read white.

Tell them that I'm sorry.

Please don't ask me to do that again.

No one complained.

In America, we can hear a chorus of comments from the right ridiculing soccer every time there's a World Cup.

My dog didn't do that.


I've seen loads of concerts.

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Take her hair, parted down the middle, and separate the right front section. Repeat the same for left. Twist each side and secure them together in the back with a clip.


The fence fell with a great crash.


How much money do you think someone like Rolf spends each month?

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The light here's not good for reading.

Although it was a popular movie, Out of Africa was more of a coffee-table movie than anything else.

Winter will be over soon.


The palace has a tall tower.


Was there any damage?


Sanjeev had little or no idea what he was getting himself into.

When a child, I used to go fishing with him.

My dog is eating the grapes.

The French are our neighbors across the Channel.

For centuries, it was thought that Venus could not be habitable without terraforming.


The air was infected with photochemical smog.

I thought it was all over.

Come on, let's get out of the way.

Granville and Todd walked into the restaurant and looked around, but couldn't see a free table.

What is your aim in life?


Please don't tell anybody.

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Robin asked Sassan for an explanation.

I'm a stupid old maid in my thirties.

Dan saw something suspicious on the morning Linda died.


Tell me why you didn't ask us.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to translate jokes.

Your fly is open!

Marla has known Ray since she was born.

So they ought to have arrived here by now.

He was able to get work in that town.

It'll only take a few minutes.

There can be only one interpretation.

Someone broke into my house and ran away with all of my money.

It is careless of me to take the wrong bus.

He's like a zebra among the horses.

Don't bother to call me.

He discovered new music every day using the Internet.

The people he lives with in London will be coming to visit me.

We're graduating tomorrow.

It's the anniversary of the end of the war.

We were impatient.


Look at this place.

Truth doesn't perish at sea, but it often takes a long time to find an anchorage.

What are the business hours?


It happened by accident.


Dan didn't even comment on Linda's picture.


You've got to tell somebody.

She gets up at six.

I didn't agree to meet her.

I regret that a previous engagement prevents me from accepting your kind invitation.

It just kept getting worse and worse.

It's so nice to be back.

If you turn on me like that, I cannot talk any more.

I never wanted this.

I think we're progressing.

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From now on, there is no reason to worry any more.

It's very hard to get rid of bad habits.

Get on your knees.


Is it possible I also know this lovely person you're speaking of?

Swamy loved playing rugby.

For a language to be international, it does not suffice to say that it is so.

Follow the diet of joy.

Mrs. Suzuki is a very economical housekeeper.


The boss is an open person.

Who's going to drive?

Take them with you.

Jem couldn't jump that far.

The is writing a novel now.


I don't like being cheated.

This juice tastes sour.

I want him to wash the car.

Would she like that?

What a freak!

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What's different between a wedding arrangement site and a dating site?

Helen wanted to be a teacher.

The fog lifted quickly.


There has been a large increase in trade between the United States and China.

Hunger drove him to steal.

Darci is the devil.

I'm glad you invited me.

I'll go for a walk.

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Let's get the party underway.

My fault.

Being an astronaut was always my first dream.

Newspapers lay scattered all over the floor.

I buy newspapers every day.

I've been found guilty.

He doesn't even know my name.


She is much taller than me.

Why would Jose kill Julianto?

He writhes like a worm.

Randall is just a little overweight, isn't he?

She took full advantage of her stay in London to improve her English.

McKinley demanded an immediate ceasefire in Cuba.

I couldn't see any stars in the sky.

I wonder if Nguyen regrets what he did.

We all shall die sooner or later.

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She was born last year.

Margot needed thirteen stitches.

I'd stay home rather than go alone.


Everyone else does it.

Roberta is very imaginative.

Are these your horses?

Where on earth do you suppose she is going in the dead of night?

Are you going to stay with us?


I wanna get paid.

I don't deserve this.

Well, this is the street!