I like this book best.

Neither you nor anyone will prevent me from going

I've never seen Gretchen so angry.

Her brother was probably abducted.

You seem to be a kind person.

Lynn didn't know where his family was.

Hotta is familiar with the situation.

Your mother would have been very proud of you.


I bought tickets from a scalper.

There's no need to bite my head off!

I went to Herb and Johan's last night.


Either you or Jane has to go there.

A very well known wine is produced in that region.

I want a cheeseburger, a coke and some fries.

I was pretty gullible.

My bike is broken.

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I can't believe you're trying to bribe me.

Guillermo was appointed manager.

Sorry. I should move.

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Johan became a father.

I went to school with her.

Only do what Saqib tells you.

Susan and his dad built this.

I did none of those things.


Stacy was feeling hungry.

Turtles live to a great age.

Lui and Cristi like each other.

I'm good at what I do.

This is not cool.


How about inviting Meg to the party?

Nick wants to do something special for Duane's birthday.

Root taught Liber how to play pool.

I have leg cramps.

Pamela has made the team.

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He climbed El Capitan.

After falling victim to clickbait, my computer caught a virus.

Yes, I've been there a couple of times.


He will fight the heavyweight champion tomorrow.

The professor is on the phone.

We received a cordial welcome from them.

I don't like anything like hard work.

He had seldom seen a child with so much talent.

Banks charge higher interest on loans to risky customers.

What is the difference between A and B?


Chip has some explaining to do.

You see, but you do not observe.

We sang songs in chorus.


Damone wanted to see Wendy happy.

You should come at once.

I told Eli what I was planning to do.

She finished the race.

Do you think he still cares about me?

It's so grey out there that I can't see the mountains on the other side of the valley.

Besides that he had nothing to add.

His second son married and settled down.

I'm your boyfriend, aren't I?

I have backstage passes.

Your sacrifice won't go unnoticed.

Unskilled labor is poorly paid.

Ti and Elias thought that the police would never catch them if they spoke only German.


There's not enough room in here for both Drew and Matthias.

Does the lady speak Turkish?

Panacea rolled up the window.


He has a test next week.

I called her here in order to help me.

I asked you to come yesterday. Why didn't you come?


If a sentence doesn't yet have audio, it's because nobody has recorded one for us.

Jesus filled the balloons with helium.

Scientists long ago ceased to believe that the atom is the smallest unit of matter.

I wonder if there's any cheese left in the refrigerator.

I was born in America.


That's silly.


We need to go out with each other more often.

Any car at all will be suitable, as long as it works.

There were already a lot of people waiting in a line in front of the movie theater.

Joyce wasn't involved.

You're a smart investigator.

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I have absolutely no intention of going there alone.


Months went past without any news from him.

I knew it was going to be tough.

Milner is being held hostage.


The well-known poet attempted to commit suicide in his study.

I like grape jelly best.

I'm e-mailing to follow up on our phone conversation this morning.

What did I tell you about leaving the milk open in the refrigerator door?!

I was so nervous that she would catch sight of me.

Good night everyone!

Claudio said that he thought Lum knew why John had become a policeman.

Do you ever wear a tie?

Is more always better?

I've retired and I'm going to take it easy for a while.

Recently my brother in law, artillery major Y, came back from a three year trip in Paris. Surrounded by a great number of souvenirs he had brought back, we heard tales of his travels.


How am I supposed to know this?

I am sure of his winning the speech contest.

I'm going to tell the truth.

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Have you seen the news? Horrible stuff has been happening.

I'm a British girl from Manchester.

White is a popular car color.

Are there any problems I should know about?

It seems like you're unexpectedly eloquent.


The old man in the wheelchair told me that he knew my mother when she was a teenager.

We don't want any more mistakes.


I hope Saad didn't tell anybody about what we did.

Sugih might have fooled you, but he won't fool me!


In any case, I'll inform you when he comes.


I've never heard of her.

He is one of the best brains in our country.

I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I did overhear you.

As I walked, I read a book.

Do you have a soup dish?


I'll tell you about it someday.

I want to buy a dozen donuts.

If you want to, you can use my car.


She is working night and day.

I've never lived on a farm, but both of my parents grew up on farms.

Everyone coming together is an example of fusion.

She's the girl of my dreams.

Lord's reply was evasive.

Could you pass me the salt?

I usually got up at five in those days.

Make sure every hostile has been neutralized.

You should have done so.


I'm going to need your help doing this.

That was Pat you were just talking to, wasn't it?

I can't let Corey do that.

There's a big pile of mail on your desk.

Three long-term inmates of the state penitentiary have just escaped.

This dictionary has a preface, not a foreword.

They had guns.

You work it out.

Did you get me anything?

I won't dance, so don't ask me.

I am determined to learn.

I tried to do that, but I couldn't.

You'd better go help her.

Konstantinos's neighbors were having a party.

How much is this laptop?


This song makes me think of when I was young.

I really hope I'm wrong.

While I am nibbling away, I listen to the news.


In case of a fire, use the steps.

Some girls are naturally pretty.

Her arms and legs are long.

The fact that television frequently limits communication within families is already well known.

I introduced Stephan to Gideon.

Meehan looked down at his plate.

Angela said he doesn't feel well.

A lot of jobs are done by computers.

This bird can't fly.


It was a bad situation.


That wouldn't make me happy.

There are a lot of books in our school's library.

Vincenzo is very anxious about his health.

Everything is cheap.

Lucy accepted to marry a rich young man called Cecil.

My friends all call me Lar.

We stayed home for Christmas, so as to avoid heavy traffic.

We are not able to put a young boy in prison.

Did you already kiss someone today?


They are spreading love with muddy hands.

Go to sleep whenever you want.

Vincent told us the reason why he was late.

I think Susumu is in the front yard.

Hsi felt very guilty about what happened.

The floor is covered with a thick carpet.

Alexander's eyes are green.

At last, he gained his ends.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.