Nichael was upset by the situation.

Lawrence was shot trying to run away.

Lucifer will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals.

It's time to party.


I'll go get Josh.

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He is just pulling your leg.

How does it happen that you were not eaten up with all those hundreds and trillions of cats?

Who remembers?


I didn't send Russell any wine.

Knut doesn't understand why Naoto got angry with him.

Heat and light are necessary for our existence.

What's standing between us and that happening?

She knows guns.

We were taught that Newton discovered the law of gravity.

Schedules are difficult to coordinate.

I am a city mouse.

We have to book in before twelve o'clock.

Look at me when you're talking to me.

That's the ugliest snowman I've ever seen.

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I'm happy the apple I'm eating is green!


The boss is thinking of firing an employee.

Young men are prone to fall into temptation.

On your marks. Ready? Go!

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I'm not here for that.

How could I hate her?

I just wanted to check to see if you're OK.

Harv is carrying a gun in one hand and a knife in the other.

A friend of mine showed me all the dolls he had bought abroad.


It's my life.

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Send your baggage in advance.


I appreciate all the help I can get.


Be careful not to tear your clothes on that nail.

Maria asked me to help her with her math.

They insist that he should go.

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She knows that you know.

Has he arrived yet?

I'm old-fashioned.

He got his girlfriend pregnant.

He arrived at the station at seven.

Where can I take a tour of the city?

Some scenes from the movie were recorded in Leblon Beach.

We have had plenty of rain this year.

Bob waved to whomever he saw.


Let's bake a birthday cake.

I met her at Tokyo Station.

Weeds sprang up in the garden.

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Put aside money for a rainy day.


Let me tell you an interesting story.

This door's locked.

I'm afraid this story is too adult for children to appreciate.


I would like to live in a castle.

We have fixed some paint chips from rocks on your car.

I'm getting the hell outta here.

My hobby is music.

What degree of interest did he show?

Ken always takes his mother's side when his parents argue.

John was standing alone in the room with his arms folded.

Nigel is prepared for whatever may happen.

I sell a new car.


That's just the way I like it.

Even the finest fete becomes mere hogs swill.

What do you think we should do?

One of my wisdom teeth is coming in.

What happens next time?


I'd be thrilled if I were invited.

Suzanne walked into the living room, still buttoning his shirt.

I've been a teacher for five years.

Will paid Robin and John a visit.

You can have someone do it for you.

It is likely that he did it on purpose.

He can say whatever he wants.


I was always the fastest.

I wish Rex had come to our party last night.

I'm not sure you have much of a choice.

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Tanaka plays the piano well.

If you speak French, I won't understand.

Why aren't you using it?

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All this is for my personal use.

He had lost all political power.

I wish you great success.

I'm free.

I'm not leaving Amarth behind.

I've been here for three years.

This book is interesting.

He strives to succeed.

They left behind more than 2,000 dead and wounded.

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

Apparently, it was his jealous mistress who prepared that nasty chemical concoction. I hear the wife took one sip of her morning coffee and collapsed without so much as a word.


They are approaching.

Gregg knocked louder.

List folded his sheets.

Phill didn't offer any explanation.

I prefer to buy domestic rather than foreign products.

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Bryce made a frantic attempt to finish painting the fence before dark.

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What can we possibly give them?

Is mail delivered on Sunday?

She comes to school in her car.


The corpse has a gunshot wound in the chest.

He studied day and night so that he might become a lawyer.

He guaranteed his slaves' freedom.


How sad that girl looks!


Eat snow.

Presley has never had to work hard in his entire life.

I know a lot about you.


What do you think he did?

She looked for her ring with her eyes wide open.

Listen, everybody!

Why don't you just take it back to where you got it?

We've got something for them.

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He was mortally wounded.

The chair is far away from the door.

Lincoln was a good politician and a smart lawyer.

Tovah didn't answer me.

Can you translate this for me?

The Anglo-Saxons will not just take your land. They will also take you as a slave, then, when you die, they're going to store your bones in a museum and describe you as a savage in their history books. They are also going to make a couple of movies to show how ugly you were and how brave their heroes were.

Claudia's never won anything in his life.


My mother being ill, I couldn't go to the concert.

I had an artificial insemination with sperm from my husband.

To me, fair friend, you never can be old.

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Please heat the water.

Since our argument, Subra has kept his distance.

Did he use a condom?

Shooting stars will be seen tonight.

How may I help you?


Don't eat while reading.


I can't get anyone to assist me.

The sheriff said the victim was carjacked at gunpoint on Park Street.

I'll buy him a drink.

I'm not used to having people question my judgment.

He was dating a woman almost as old as his mother.

I'd like to invite you to the party.

The report made much of that fact.


I couldn't stop staring at her.

My father is exact in money matters.

What's in here, Oskar?

I'm glad I don't have to be on that jury.

Eugene's party was boring.

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Phillip has been out of town for the last three months.

Steve is helping Kaj decorate for her party.

Saiid is a great man.

She graduated from Kobe University.

That was fantastic.


This almost made me cry.


A lot of children don't hear the difference very well.

We need your help finding Charley.

Can we move on to the next item?

Ask anybody.

I told her I was going out.


The whole country was buried under snow.

Can you understand the meaning of this paragraph?

Vishal didn't like the way Walt spoke to him.

I don't know whether she will come.

I have been taking care of him ever since.

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Raghu used to date Eric.

I felt I had to stay.

I heard a very loud noise.


You'll be in my heart today and always.

I heard you switched majors.

How large is the audience?

He's not interested in politics.

Tareq suggested that the meeting be postponed until next Monday.